How'd I get stuck livin' like this
Picture fu*king perfect Stepford Wife;
A symbol to fit your design;
There used to be a heart in here;
Tell me how could anything survive;
Walls caved in instead (oh oh oh oh);
Like a tune that I play the part; I raise my heart;
I feel so artificial when I'm lovin' you; I can't, I can't;
Cause I'm not the kinda bitch that's gonna let you go and do that;
Sorry if you think,
If you think I'm automatic;
Fu*kin with the wrong toy, no batteries included;
Tryin' to turn me on cause you think I'm operatic;
Treat me like a droid cause you think I'm automatic; damn droid
Cause you think I'm automatic;
Play me like a toy cause you think I'm automatic;
Auto-automatic, cause you think I'm automatic,
Auto-automatic cause you think I'm automatic;
You call me your prized possession;
Show me off like I'm your trophy case;
Show me to do what you say (oh oh);

I let you fu*k up my vision with a world thin as a coat of paint;
You had my heart all squared away (oh oh);
(Boy you don't love her);
Turn my heart into your worse nightmare; (shut me down)
Damn with your program (switch me off)
I wanna be human, yeah;
I can not give anything to recognize my own skin;
Cause I'm gone, just one foot in - [not sure of this line]
System overloaded cause I'm not able to feel that;

Chorus x 2
Trade in this armor for a piece of reality;
Cause under this metallic girl is a human being;
Won't be your droid no more boy fu*k your technology;
I'm done now, I'm shorting out;
Cause I'm not the kinda chick that's gonna let you go and do that;
Chorus x 2
Listen, I don't give a fu*k about you;
I'mma a do me; you go'n do you;
I ain't automatic so let a bitch through;
So let a bitch through,
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
Automatic, automatic, automatic, yeah...
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Automatic Lyrics

Dawn Richard – Automatic Lyrics