All day I face
The old barren waste
And long for the taste of cold beer
My throat is burning dry
And my soul's a-cryin
For awww~ refuge from here

In there you don't see
Where grasslands run free
And winds on the treetops will play
Beats bein' alone
Just a quick getaway
Down to the Hard Luck Cafe

Repeat intro guitar/piano hook:

My toes are sore and burned
Day into night I yearn
Soft music~ for to carry me along
The ballad of a gringo
Ridin' miles of burning (or desert) sand
Through tears of an old-timey song

Hit the trail in '79
Left the ol' gal behind
Rode lonely~ with his mind in a fray
To the shadowws he'll sway
To the bottle he'll pray
To meet her at the Hard Luck Cafe

Choral: awww it's betterrr than being alone
Slip away~ where trouble has no name
Outsiiide eeeach looks diff'rent
But in their hearts they're all one-in-the-same

That gal I left behind
Still wailing on my mind
The rain will fall
Wild night will call
The world won't find me
I can leave lost love behind me
And the soft high wooden bar would be all

If she hadn't gone wrong
It'd be no high or lonesome song
I set there with little to say

Choral: (aww) it may be hell
Or just the lobby of a big hotel
All the same a Hard Luck Cafe x2
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Hard Luck Cafe Lyrics

Davis Coen – Hard Luck Cafe Lyrics