David: When the night (When the night) has come
Jimmy: Hmmm
David: And the land is so dark, and the moon is the only light we'll see, my brother.

Both: No I won't
David: Be afraid
Jimmy: No I won't
David: Be afraid

Jimmy: Mmmm
Both: Just as long
David: As you stand by me.

Jimmy: Oh stand
David: By me
Both: Oh stand
Jimmy: By me
David: By me.

Both: Mmmm, hmmm uh, huh, stand by me.
Jimmy: Oh, if the sky that we look upon should crumble and fall
David: Or the mountains crumble down to the sea, oh yeah.

Both: I won't cry
Jimmy: I won't cry
David: No, I won't, I won't she'd a tear
Both: Just as long as you stand by me, don't you worry.

Jimmy: Stand
David: By me
Jimmy: Oh, stand
Both: By me.
Jimmy: Oh, ooo

David: Oh, stand, stand by me, yeah
Jimmy: Stand by my side.
Every once in awhile I might need a ride.
Oh come on and stand, stand, stand by me.

Jimmy: Look here, if you're ever in trouble
David: Stand by me.
Jimmy: David, just look over your shoulder.
David: I'll be standing there.
Jimmy: You're gonna find me.

David: Standing.
Jimmy: Standing
David: Standing right by your side.

Both: Don't you worry.
Stand by me.
Oh, stand by me.

Jimmy: Come on, come on
David: Stand, stand by me.
Both: Ooo.

David: Stand.
Jimmy: Stand.
David: Stand
Jimmy: By me. Oh come on and stand by me.
David: Right by my side...
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Stand By Me Lyrics

David Ruffin & Jimmy Ruffin – Stand By Me Lyrics

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