First of all who’s this uncircumcised Philistine?
He’s about to get beheaded the bible is the guillotine
Matthew 24 verse 11 you can perform miracles but never see heaven
Let’s call a spade a spade,
I don’t beat around the bush
Bushiri you are not prophet
You are not major, you are majoring in the minors
Kagulu kokutsatilaka tikapanga minus
Me nat afraid of de man dem
If they don’t repent hell fire gonna burn dem
Luke 13: 25-27 I’m about to tell the truth and it will set them free
You need to enlighten your congregation
The girls that you’re having sex with are confirmation
Kuti utumiki wako ndi abomination
Mphamvu zako umazipeza through divination (ufiti)
Ndimasulire interpretation
Mkuluyu amatenga mphamvu zake kumadzi
Asing’anga ako akuulula uli mmadzi
Kapinga tikutchetcha njoka zionekere
I can hear your spiritual sons amvekere ‘Eh Papa team yalakwa apapa’
I am not a rapper don’t get it twisted,
Ine ndine nyambuti and you’ve been hit listed
Ndikupukusa legeni yanga muli mwala
Ndine mwana wa Mulungu Sungandiphe ndi mankhwala
You got some explaining to do, Bushiri you got some explaining to do and
I’m listening
Blind followers please wear spectacles and watch God make Bushiri a public
I’m a giant killer, I’m a giant killer
False prophets I will shove you down like Elijah and the prophets of Baal
I’m ready to die on the battlefield
I’m a warrior ndinasayina kalekale
I gave up the fame and the fortune kalekale
God prepared me for this battle kalekale
You haven’t heard before I have killed a lot of lions and bears before
Maybe you haven’t listened to As You Grow
Maybe you haven’t listened to Exodus Part 2
From experience I know God can kill you too
I’ve seen him do it before he’s can do it again

Anyambuti muli kuti (Osaopa)
Nthawi ya nkhondo iyi (Osaopa)
Aneneri onyenga tithane nawo (Osaopa)
Ufiti (Osaopa) njoka (Osaopa)

[Talking ]This is Part One. Part Two is on the way. Tikutchulani nonse
Onyenga. Close down your ministry. Repent. We are on our knees praying.
And our God answers by fire.

It would have been better if you put an anvil around your neck and throw
Yourself into the sea than to mislead any of these young ones. Repent or
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Osaopa (Bushiri Exposé) Lyrics

David Kalilani – Osaopa (Bushiri Exposé) Lyrics

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