(sha-la-la-la sha-la-la)
(sha-la-la-la sha-la-la)

And when I told her
Another girl had caught my eye
She cried
And when I kissed her
A kiss that only meant goodbye
She cried (she cried)

I see the future in your eyes
Yes, I can see that day
Id like to say I'm gonna miss this place but I just don't feel that way
I made a promise that I can't break
I told myself someday I'm gonna make
Yeah, all the right moves

Late at night I'm still awake
I feel it come but I just can't wait
So many dreams that could all come true
Oh baby, if you only knew
Sometimes it feels like I just can't lose
I know I'm gonna make all the right moves

First night together!
Listen to my heart and you'll know it's right
Doesnt't't it seem that the spell falling over us tonight
This could be our first night together
If we only follow our hearts desire
Waiting like a fire to ignite, will be our first night tonight
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Medley: She Cried - All The Right Moves -… Lyrics

David Hasselhoff – Medley: She Cried - All The Right Moves -… Lyrics