Early in the morning when you wake up
And your sleepy head is into make up
When you gaze into your mirror
While you paint your face

And you check your eyelashes
Making sure they're in place
And you mind wanders up
Into another time

And you think of him
And how it should have lasted
While the disc jockey man
Gives you the weather forecast

And then he makes you feel so mellow
While he gets you high
And you remember how we laughed
And how he made you cry

Then you look into your mirror
And as you brush your hair

Brush your hair to the rhythm of
The music playing on your radio
Paint your face while you listen
To the talking of the jockey On the early morning show
Put your troubles in
The back of your mind
Cause the temperature
Outside is just fine

And it's ten to eight
And you ain't got the time

So you walk across your room
And start to make your bed
Then you slip into your jeans
Your eyes still feel like lead

And the memory seems to vanish
But the thought's still there
Tell yourself you don't
But deep inside, you still care
Deep inside, you still care


And it's ten to eight
And you ain't got the time


And it's ten to eight
And you just ain't got the time
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Ten To Eight Lyrics

David Castle – Ten To Eight Lyrics