I loved Marianne in the winter
In the loft of her favorite lover
She was growing older
The winter nights were cold
She told me I'm frightened
I said yes I know.

Her eyes held me to her
They burned with such a fire
For the saints on the walls
Holy candles in the halls
For those who had left her
I held her and cried.

Oh, Marianne you are beautiful
To be this friend
To a stranger who
Leaves you only to fall
Do not cry you have helped me
I will not say goodbye.

I know her from another song
Her older poet wrote before
We played it in the morning laughing on the floor
Till he came knocking on the lower East Side door.

Yes you know I miss her
Her and her stories of the night
I called her a rabbit
She gave me back my life
I haven't heard her voice since the Isle of Wight.

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Marianne Lyrics

David Blue – Marianne Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVID BLUE
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