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Superfriend Lyrics

David Banner – Superfriend Lyrics

They're here now
But then they're gone (oh)
Where they at, I don't know
Hey, oh they hit the door
That kinda friend I gotta let go
A super (friend) a super (friend)
Yes sir I got me one of them
A super (friend) a super (friend)
I got me a super friend

No sir there's nothing half way about Him
This world could never be made without Him
No heart no breath no mind
No sun no moon no time
He's something like the best of them
He's nothing like the rest of them


Lord I'm so weak and scared to run
What have I done to deserve a life like this
The devil's scared to fight us in the light
He hides in the midst of religion
But I know that my God is listening there for me
There's a greater mission
You're no girl, you're no man, but a plan for greater peace
I'll fight for the light until my flesh falls deceased
I'm fighting the devil, fighting police
And in the church Lord I'm looked at as Satan
Cause in my music I curse
But I'm trying to do better and that's the thing that really hurts
All this sex and the drugs in my life mean nothing
When my Superfriend hugs me at night tears come rushing
There's no kryptonite, no dealing no lie that could be told
That can separate the power that you have over my soul
So stunting is a habit when I'm gripping this mic
Y'all thinking I'm a pimp but I'm trying to be like Christ
In real life yeah


He heard me before I made a sound
Caught me before I hit the ground
He knows everything I need
Before I tell him anything
Loves me without requirements
Cant see Him but it's evident
He's something like the best of them
Said He's nothing like the rest of them


Can't nobody do me like my Superfriend
Can't nobody do me like my Superfriend (no) [Repeat: x2]
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