By Bobby Braddock & Rafe Vanhoy

Dedication: To Billy Sherrill for having the courage to stand by me and my career even when everyone told him they'd never play my records because of my life style. Thanks Radar!

One sultry summer morning in the year of 1918

Three hundred men with ebony skin

Pulled out of union station

Heading out of nashville for western tennessee

Homeward bound cause uncle sam closed down

The munitions factory.

At that very moment on the cheatham county line

Old number one train from memphis

Was running way behind

Back in the smokey club car A memphis gambling man

Said gentleman, I'm folding these cards

Cause I drew A dead mans hand!

A young man in A milk truck out near dutchman's grade

Said oh my god two trains one track

Then he closed his eyes and he prayed

A sister from the orphans home made A cross upon her chest

Cause A one iron beast was coming from the east

And another one was coming from the west

The bird flew from the tree tops as the impact shook the ground

The screaming wheels and the grinding steel

Could be heard for miles around

Now every july 9TH A few miles west of town

To this day some folks say

You can hear that mournful sound
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The Great Nashville Railroad Disaster Lyrics

David Allan Coe – The Great Nashville Railroad Disaster Lyrics