By: David Allan Coe and Jimmy Sad

Judy, I feel weary now, older than A man of 33
The gates of hell just opened
After twenty years the warden says I'm free
Revenge was all I ever wanted
When I killed the man that took your life that day
I've had my satisfaction,
But the price was more than love should have to pay

Lords knows you weren't no lady and the witnesses
All swore you was to blame
And the way you teased the men folk
The jury all agreed you knew no shame, knew no shame

Well I'm glad that you can't see me now
You'd probably say, that I do not look my best
Those lawyers took my money,
And that louisiana road gang took the rest

And judy I can't even conjure up
Your picture in my mind today
Lately I've been thinking' what A fool
I was to love you anyway

Well it all seems kinda useless
As I place these flowers on your grave today
I don't know what I'm doing' here
I've forgotten all the things I came to say
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Revenge Lyrics

David Allan Coe – Revenge Lyrics

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