I'm gonna hold you every night when the sun goes down
And feel you breathe on my skin while your sleepin
Gonna watch the reflection of the sunrise in your eyes
Kiss your lips and hold you tight
Like lovers do from dusk til dawn

When your happy when your sad
When your mad when your feelin bad
Gonna hold you and make everything all right

If the stars and the moon disappear
In the darkness you can't see things clear
Reach for me I'll be right here still in love with you
When the winds of change come blowin through
With a love that's true

I'm Gonna hold you when your lost and in despair
When there's age in your eyes and silver in your hair
I'm gonna be there by your side
When life's too hard too take
Should you ever fall and break
I promise I will catch you

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Gonna Hold You Lyrics

Davey T Hamilton – Gonna Hold You Lyrics

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