I don't know why
Devil's mountain
Hanging on by a rope
Burning fever
Hard travellin'
Sweet shelter come home
You've got somebody
You've got somebody
You've got somebody
Watching over you
Desert roses
Far from water
Raise a glass to your throat
Come on you poor boys
From the country
This is a power to behold
Three ravens rising
Two rivers raging
Less fair deal down the road
Late is the hour
Red is the colour
Lord have mercy on your soul
So in the morning
Wait for your darling
You know she's waiting for you
On the boat
Comes in slowly
Bringing Spanish wine for you
So while you're dreaming
And hard travellin'
As you labour for this land
Swear on your vision
Of this nation
Say a prayer for the damned
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Hard Travellin' Lyrics

Dave Sharp – Hard Travellin' Lyrics