Rhymes and reasons you give
Too much is not enough
Leave what you see alone
For someone else to call
An old man calls you to tea, yeah
Sip it like you're typical
My love is what you make of it
Brothers and sisters
It's not enough, not enough

Talk, call, talking of leaving, don't worry
Would ya give anything
Oh call me lazy
Would you like to talk?

I'm no Raven to see, yeah,
Flies the blackest away
What you give when you get nothing
Is everything you give

Come in touch, staring
Read, light your morning
Candles make your way
Oh wise men today
Grief knows no better thing

Oh I leave here
The way yourself to roll down, down, down, down
No more worries
Where the girl will be found, found, found
All my world, yeah
Of all these things that
I'ver dreamed, dreamed, dreamed
Oh man it's sad to say
It's nothing more than my point of view

Swallowed in the cold night
Warm me by your fire
Oh sweet devilish drink tonight
Drink me while I'm out
No, no, Raven to see here
As imitates beauty well
Black bird from a dark heaven
Oh, won't ya drink to live a life

Oh, come down, staring
Read while you know
You know there's me to drink
Oh what came of grace
Oh the money and the fame
Oh them worries weren't enough to go, go, go
Make the way here where the heart
Ya know running round, and round
That was the greatest thing you
Moments in the morning
Have to say there's nothing great
That you wouldn't do

Wild, yeah, what ya gotta do
Oh, there's a reason
Don't ya got live and learn
We know all this through radio
Oh you call me names
What ya give when you say grace is what?
Would ya give your?

Come in, touch, staring
Read all you have when all that is me
Oh, I'm not?
Read on till we do

Man I wonder what about the round and round
So evident to grace, yeah...wan't me?
Oh yeah, fashioned in the ways are wrong
The ways are wrong
It may be wrong
Or was it everything your wildest heart can be
Was it through?
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Raven Lyrics

Dave Matthews Band – Raven Lyrics