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Family Feud (Remix) Lyrics

Dave East – Family Feud (Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dave East]
Moncler jackets I can't feel the winter
To my shahada pray daily but know I'm still a sinner
When the family feud, it's hard to chill at dinners
We can't even eat together, she fronting like Ben Stiller
I lied I ain't putting hands on no female
Unless I'm up inside her, I pay attention to detail
Single black chick, taking classes working retail
Know he from the hood
But don't know the product that he sell
I got your bitch on the boat, yeah we sail
The dick got her stalking me asking me what's my email
Guarantee she call again, shit it's me and Don again
Same niggas talking shit, was right there in the offering
Paranoid, imma circle the block before I park again
Givenchy hoodie, blocking the cameras when I be walking in
J mob, tell em don't quit their day job
I was on a space pack pitching feeling like A-Rod
I did a video with Fab and niggas took my face off
Bitches love me, I go through more laps than a racehorse
Headline my own tour without a hit record
Bitches lose control, when they see me they get naked
DJ's pressing me like yo East I need like 10 records
My daughter the only one, I went got me like 10 weapons
Constructs in the winter, I'm usually Timbs stepping
Your bitch wanna be on my chest and imma bench press her

Couldn't get anymore higher than this man
NY shit nigga, East, Don
You got to save me some room on this one, you feel me my nigga

[Verse 2: Don Q]
This where all the players emerge
All the tables reserved
20 thousand, that's too much bottles for the waitress to serve
From public housing now a nigga found his way to the burbs
Thinking the life you will never understand the way I observe
Out the window, I'm brainstorming thinking while the rain pouring
Like since the fame things ain't really been the same for em
Back and forth, switching planes
Different chains on us
When we back at home we gripping things for all the name calling
I know you niggas name calling
Be yourself before you see the wealth
Trust me I learned a lot of shit without the teacher help
Somethings I had to teach myself
You prolly won't imagine
Like how to tote a magnum, movin, getting low from wagons
Shit don't give me no reaction
All they see is foreigns passing, Rollies flashing
What about when we was in that lonely attic
Shedding tears 'cause the other side just let my homies have it
Loading ratchets, we won't be the only one who closing caskets
Nigga everyday it's numbers
I always kept the same hunger
Learned from the OG's that I was raised under
Pure cocaine cutters
Now the Range cocaine colored
Gold rings and my whole chain smothered
When I had no name I was a 4 train jumper
Butter rolls for breakfast, Lo Mein suppers
I cutting hoes off ain't no need to exchange numbers
Got this lane covered, no wonder the game love us

[Verse 3: Dave East]
D and Don, brothers without the same mother
Couple rings speak like a king, Lebron James love it
Press Baby for cash money and Wayne debit
Dissin and it ain't even get to us, you ain't buzzing
Nah, nah we ain't budging (at all)
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