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Dame Grease Flow Lyrics

Dave East – Dame Grease Flow Lyrics

If its time to go to war, don't got to send a soldier
I'm doing federal time if they pull the sprinter over
Ferrari money, the Gabriel, now the wrist is colder
The same night you was hating I had your bitch come over
Workout your body, you feeling it in your core
Copped the whole collection, need new Mike Amiri in the store
I ain't giving niggas nada
Go ask your father since you rock a cross
You just might get it from the lord
Downstate facing a dime
Don't hit me at be board
Went from ditching the court
To the garden, sit on the floor
Around the time Busta Rhymes said "Gimme Some More"
We got cool with the Akis and hid the guns in the store
380s behind Dorito chips
I told sleep hit Dame grease nigga I needed this
I been hot son since vacant lot
And the hot ones
Live on Lennox but unfamiliar
We got one (We got one, we got one)
Meeno, that's my nigga
I just had a dream me and Malik flipped a kilo
I had lean all in my system
Fucked the whole pack up, let it over the fire
I forgot I was cooking
Watching episodes of The Wire
Condo in Park Slope
Niggas be listening I talk slow
Niggas Body I feel like Marlo
First dragon, you too old to be purse snatchin'
Run in place in the field since the first Madden
You thirst status
I'm in Harlem like I ain't never leave
We smoke loud and form your section I can smell a seed
A chick with nothing is something I could never need
I hit it once now she telling me hope you never leave
I'm out the sky
(Nah keep goin' my nigga)
How you out here spending
Knowing that you owe a nigga
You ain't played the gutter with him, never bowled with the nigga
Honestly the way this is going I'm chosen and gifted
Probation was on me, niacin got dope out my system
At least I thought it did
Shit I drunk a lot of water
I still be bugging out, waking up like I got a daughter
I got a hot temper so I went and got a lawyer
Good Morning America, trap city we got it for ya
Dope like the Exorcist I watch a fiends head spin
Been hard to go to bed since
Blood splatter all in your car
Red tint
Came up with a plan for paper, getting bread since
Tyra said I should model, been getting head since
They made a sweep and my niggas been in the fed since
They came around asking questions we never said shit
Gang squad started following soon as I said crip
I now exactly what's wrong with you
Too many niggas like "Yo East can I get on with you?"
Gotta make a song with you
Like Dame I'm honourable
For fame they target you
Catch him at the barbeque
Have my yongin' give 'em all to you
I be somewhere low, with an awesome view
Lot of people on this side, know who you're talking to

I don't need it but I want it
I ain't lease it cause I own it
Pussy ready like the breakfast in the morning
Know I keep a foreign, they just keep on calling
And I stay up out my bullshit
Know I'm pulling up with the whole set
Your bitch be back in the morning
Wouldn't count on it
Nigga she ain't calling
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