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Around Here Lyrics

Dave East – Around Here Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dave East]
A hundred gold chains when I'm laid to rest
I need a hundred percent, shit you can take the rest
Pussy wet, every time we fuck, she make a mess
All these niggas going right, figured I'd make a left
Designer everything, like what to wear now
They never paid attention, I can feel the stares now
Elevator broke, we gotta take the stairs now
I ain't tryna fight, this mack'll knock a bear down
Nightmares from the abortion that my ex had
Lookin' forward to a better future, had a stressed past
In my opinion, who they be calling the best? Trash
I'm still out making sells, catching the next cab
My father did five-straight in Soledad
Now that I'm twenty-five
He really let me know his past
He was BGF, and robbed the bank wildin'
Couple thousands fore' they caught em'
Told me son don't waste your talent

[Hook: Dave East]
Black constructs with the black hoodie
I cried like a baby when they snatched Bully
I came up in projects when it's dark
On sight nobody talking it ain't save around here

[Bridge: Dave East]
I did my dirt I'm not sorry
I cried like a baby when they locked Charlie
I don't trust nobody breathing
Got my name up in the precinct
Catch a case around here

[Verse 2: Dave East]
I was holding the smoke, holding the cracks
Them niggas slid on us, you know my niggas goin' right back
I hate ya'll niggas, like Don Sterling
Charm of a prince, my aura could slide a virgin
Luggage for the trip, my bitch packed five furs in
I need this money now no wait is that urgent
My trap working, I'm in the bridge
Talking business with my shooter
Car service had us, know we had the nine up in uber
I think jail every time I eat tuna
Roll up each L's [?] sneaks puma
They through my case out December down in Baltimore
Bully in the same jail, watch them phones you talking on
My nigga [?] said red bottoms he love walking on
I'm in a rush, I gotta go, you niggas talking long
The east crazy, better watch the block you parking on
Lord have mercy if they murk me
May my heart live on

[Hook: Dave East]
Black constructs with the black hoodie (all black)
I cried like a baby when they smashed bully (bully)
I came up in the projects where it's darker
On sight nobody talking, it ain't safe around here (round' here)
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