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Me And Ole C.B. Lyrics

Dave Dudley – Me And Ole C.B. Lyrics

I was riding this eighteen-wheeler before those fading lights
Never paid much money cause I couldn't make much time
There used to be a running battle between old Smokey and me
But now I got a six-foot Shakespeare me and old cb

Well tonight I got the front door can't always have the rocking chair
Pig Pen's got that back door closed just told me on the air
Just checked out the westbound and Road Hawk says she's clean
Looks like a money making run for me and old cb

Ace the blue-eyed Indian still runs with Single Drive
Old Single Drive is a ratchet jaw but he keeps the night alive
And Jolly Jack at Beaver Dust checking covers on the seat
We looking for a red Pinto me and old cb

There goes Circle City Peddler boy he's getting fat
He make is turn in Derby Town I couldn't live like that
The Chicken Coop is open and so is D. O. T.
Appreciate the info Cisco me and old cb

The California Devil he's down at marker 25

He just hollered breaker, breaker man them bushes are alive
So comb your hair their taking pictures down at 23
We'll give them a great big bye-bye smile me and old cb

Now just look at that four wheel Fairlane just blew off my back door
Old Smokey gonna get him boy that a big 10-4
Now Hawkeye's had the hammer down since Nashville, Tennessee
He just saved some green stamps thanks to me and old cb

Hey Paul from Shaky City he's talking to a bear
He's coming on his own little quewpie doll he said
You sound like a little pretty face
I wish he would give me a breaker I tell her to go on down to 3
He might be running single like me and old cb

Windy City Charley he's down at marker 9
I just checked my 20 I ain't running far behind
Me and this eighteen-wheeler we just about home free
Made damn good time didn't pay one fine me and old cb

Aw that's a big 10-4 there old buddy yes sir got the Road Runner out there.
This is the Continental Cowboy we're gonna take her
On in there and get between them sheets and sleep,
Sleep, sleep. Keep the shiny up put the old greasy
Down see you on the flip side
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