[Verse I:]
I believe that angels don't always appear with wings
They constantly hangin' around to calm your fears
And that's what I feel here in your arms

[Verse ii:]
You give me courage when I'm feeling down
You make me smile every time I frown
You pull me up every time I fall
You taught me how to stand it all

Heaven sent you to me
(pa-pa-pa-ah pa-pa-pa-ah-ah)
I have nothing to fear
(pa-pa-pa-ah pa-pa-pa-ah-ah)
Cause your love brings me to light
And makes my day so bright

[Violin Adlib]

[Repeat Verse I]

[Repeat Chorus x2]

You're my angel
Yeah yeah my angel
You're my angel
You're my angel
My angel
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My Angel Lyrics

Daughters – My Angel Lyrics