Fling the insulation in the dumpster
We’re expanding our empire of love for her
So tear it all down now, every building here
Most of all the skyscrapers of bitterness and fear
Rip the gypsum out and haul it all away
Level every structure down to the solid orange clay
Spread out the blueprints so we can start
To build a hotel on her heart

‘Cause I’m not leaving, this is just the place
I’ve been homeless since the dimples on her simple face
And I’ve spent my fortune, I’ve torn the town apart
To build a hotel on her heart

We’ll build it by the beach so she can reach the salty wind
We’ll make it out of poems and the books she writes them in
A forty-story eyesore by the seaside
So she can go swim oh in the ocean whenever she likes
And she likes some other boy now so we’ll have to wait
But when she’s done with him he’ll shake the painted iron gate
And he’ ll say, “Chelsea, baby, did I do you wrong?”
And she’ll say, “no, Darwin was gonna win me all along”


Have you ever seen a wrecking ball as small as her?
She smashes up my glasses when she passes but it doesn’t hurt
I can’t see straight now with this crush
But I have all of this love to give and there’s no rush


Chelsea, this is for you
Hey, this is for you
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Chelsea's Hotel Lyrics

Darwin Deez – Chelsea's Hotel Lyrics

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