I need you here with me baby.


What do I tell this heart of mine
That insist on lovin' you?
What do I say to my ears?
They can't believe they heard
That we are through?
There is something going on
Inside my head
Girl it keeps goin' round and round
I'm in denial


Still In Love
Still In Love.
Girl I'm
Still In Love.
Still I'm all alone.
I know it's true.
Still in Love.
I'm in Love with you.
Girl I'm Still in love.
I took the plunge.
I'm all alone.


What do I tell these arms of mine
That long to hold you girl
All through the night?
Hey, hey, hey!
And what do I tell these lips
That need to kiss you girl
Though we ain't right?
I'm not trying to hold a love
That's no longer mine.
But it hurts deep down inside.
I'm in denial.


Still In Love
Still In Love.
Girl I'm
Still In Love.
Still I'm all alone.


I'm Still in Love with you.
And I don't know what to do.
Cause when I look in your eyes.
I just want wanna cry.
Uh oh baby yeah


Oh. I try to let it be.
Avoid contreversy.
But now I see
That I can't deny it.......
I can't deny it.
See girl I'm still in love with you.
Still in love. See baby


Outside it's raining but my heart is not sad
I still remember the love that we had.
Bad times we had before can never out weigh
The good times that I'm feeling today.
Girl I keep trying to tell myself
That you (no, no, no, no)
Don't want nobody else.
Oh I try to swollow my pride
But I'm in denial
I'm all alone.
Say baby I'm in love with you.
Don't know what I'm gonna do
(want to be there for you babe)
My heart don't know we're through
But in my mind it's true.
I must forget my pride.
Deny this love inside.
No longer can take this ride.
Still in love I...
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Still In Love (i'm In Denial) Lyrics

Darron Moore And The 14th Floor – Still In Love (i'm In Denial) Lyrics