I visioned one more better day
To close the fever away
Before the sun was to move on

Dreams less complete
Love left alone
Until the breaking of down
From Eden we have flown.

And I've come to realize each passing day
That we blindly threw our bliss away

How long must I fall before I can rise?
For I am a kind in the sun  here I come!
How far must I walk to touch the sky?
But still I come undone

Am I dead, am I alive
Show me the essence of life
Before I am to move on.

The single truth I couldn't scorn
Arrogance made me forlorn
And still a kind was born.

Walk with me through the storm
The chill dies away
And my message will bloom

I am king in the sun
I won't surrender in the presence of doom

For I have light
And no more gloom circles my soul

But I've come to realize this final day
That joy and hope at last have come my way!
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King In The Sun Lyrics

Darkseed – King In The Sun Lyrics