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How many lives you have
What level you are

My name is Jeff
I come to this forum very often
I find this forum is the place to exchange
Impressions, you know, to find friends on the net

In the evening I come home
The flat is cold, still
And then I turn on my computer and gradually I don't
Feel so lonely
I feel less weak, released and free
Then I smoke a little joint
Just to put myself in the mood

Ay sensimilia
Sve si mi milija

Of course I have a little beer
My name is Jeff
Jeff, the grateful
Thank you very much
I'm grateful

Ay sensimilia
Sve si mi milija

And don't forget your hammer
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SENSIMILIJA (Jeff The Grateful) Lyrics

Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar – SENSIMILIJA (Jeff The Grateful) Lyrics