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The Shepherd's Hands Lyrics

Darkness Divided – The Shepherd's Hands Lyrics

With teeth like daggers, the world will cut your throat
You are so fragile in your blood-stained coat
In weak wool shields you hide, leaving pain festered inside
And you still swallow your pride, make yourself alone

You run as fast as you can to escape the Shepherd’s hands
You run as fast as you can
Make yourself unknown

These strings like shackles perceived as heavy weight
As gravity tackles every mistake

Severance has made you cold
From everything you called your home
Your sedition fathered from emotion
Has kept you from the Shepherd’s hands

As you razed your ties, He stood with arms wide

You are not a stray
The kingdom follows wherever you stay
Dark wool won’t paint you black
Ignorance won’t forsake your path

It was carved in stone

Every time you lost your way
I promise you I called your name
And when you thought I left you behind
I was hoping I’d cross your mind

From the garden to the grave
I promise you I called you by name
You were born from fire that saved
The earth from the shadows of an empty grave

I have claimed the throne
Imago Dei, I’ve claimed the throne
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Songwriters: Christopher Mora, Gerard Mora, Israel Hernandez, Joseph Mora, Sebastian Elizondo
The Shepherd's Hands lyrics © CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC

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