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The Offer Lyrics

Dark Lo – The Offer Lyrics

Same shit, different day, bro
Try not to pop on these niggas in their heads though, nah mean
You know they’re all over us
Don’t talk on my phone crazy, god

Fuck the drip of motion, uzi clip I’m holsting
Shooter say he open
Took a pussy nigga block the same night we open
He prayed to God, was hoping his body had some holes in
I’m nice up there with Hov, man
Seen a fiend used to babysit me through [?]
He shot his man in the back of the head, they had come from the sands
They killed my youngin’, “we killed three”, we got the upper hand
Was in the scuffle, damn, I broke my knuckle, damn
I must’ve hit him hard, I wasn’t fucking playing
But that’s go mode, I’d rather be in gold roads
Banging oldies, Grandma said I had an old soul
Back to [?], headshot, no sort of soul
I put my gun down, rumble a nigga toe to toe
This is skydiving, they’re hating but the vibe got them
Rappers, they is not a problem, shout out y’all who got the album
Do this for the streets, what y’all forgot about him
Talked about him, I’m making rounds, I don’t give a fuck about him
He screamed like a bitch when the nigga shot him
And I don’t want them shits if everybody got them
4 in the morning, they have came and got him
In front of his kids, in his cell, he had dreamed about them
Purple hearted cop, clipped the retarded cop
I kept 60 with me, shot a nigga 40 times
My man spit a 32, you would’ve thought he rhymed
And if you owe me something, you better throw me mines

[?] there in his 70s for weaponry
I bring the pain more definitely, only pussy niggas slept on me
Looking in the mirror, it’s the enemy
Nah, it’s the friend in me, feds want the end of me
I pray for my enemies, but I don’t like your energy
On a Wednesday, I know him from the 10th grade
Dreads with the [?] fade, scar from the switchblade
Mindset, get paid, he got hit when shit sprayed
Gucci on as he laid, then they drove him on to his grave
Dime bitch [?], she got Chick-Fil-A
I fucked her once, you can keep her, she got ricocheted
Niggas know we run the city where the Sixers play
You diss an obh nigga, I’ll get you hit today
You say you had a play, but you’re bullshitting
I stepped up on the field then they forfeited
They say he feeling froggy, tell the bul to ribbit
And if they rip you up, everything you know, forget it
It was new to you, to me, it was the usual
Crib out in New Jerus, still eating oodles and noodles
Make a nigga disappear, you thinking it’s voodoo
Fuck rapper boy, he played the songs, it was doodoo
Stare you like a mark will do, this here is remarkable
I sell my offer through, you staring, looking awkward too
It’s the offer
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