Why are you a piece of shit? Fucking pathetic you make me sick
I'm tired of your face, you're such a prick
Hang yourself, worthless bitch
Don't you hate life and you lost your pride?
Don't you feel like theres nothing left inside?
Cut your wrists up and down not side to side
Cause when you die theres no scars to hide
Ain't you crying lonely in the night?
Thinking to your mind this might be your time?
Screaming at god why can't you die?
For being a pussy and go try
If I was in your frame would I recommend that suicide is now the new trend
This is the end make that noose tighter, set yourself on fire

I hate myself, you hate yourself
Kill yourself 3x you're shy
If you hate yourself why don't you just kill yourself

You're a fucking loser kid so focus
Nobody likes you, but you've noticed
Go in garage and grab a noose, yeah
Make it tight, do you know what to do? (no?)
So just listen up
When you get in the garage just pull a chair up
Nobody cares about you it's so true
Nobody loves you and never will dude
You've been a fuck up ever since your dad left
And your mom doesn't care if you end up homeless
They don't give a fuck, so why should you?
So jump up on that chair right now dude
Don't look now, just slowly close your eyes
You're 'bout to let it down, you said your last goodbyes
Now take a deep breath and kick that chair off
For everyone left a lifeless shock
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Kill Yourself Lyrics

Dark Half – Kill Yourself Lyrics

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