Tiny promises you keep
Silent words you yet to speak
Little smiles behind those sparkling eyes
All you have is love to share
In a sense we long to bear
We can't wait to see you on your feet
And all we know
Is that we're glad you're here to stay
And all we care about is you...
So that there only smiles around
We hear every single sound
We'll be here as long as we know how
Make no haste just take your time
Don't let the world leave you blind
You can be sure you wont be left behind
And all we know
Is that we'll glad you're here to stay
And all we care about it you...
And no one knows what god has plan for all your days
But now you're here so it's ok...
In this life
There are some things that you can't change
But just believe me when I say...
Everyone falls and there's no doubt you'll have your days
But try again you'll find your way
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Charlene Lyrics

Daphne Khoo – Charlene Lyrics

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