Yesterday I had a tough day
Very tired I end this week

For the daily and daily bread
All the day I worked my way

But today begins the weekend
It's the time we are going out

To the sunny and nicest greenland
You and me, you and me

You and me, lying on the weeds
In the shade of a flower tree

You and me, with the singing birds
And the dried leaves falling on us

You and me, and your lips on my lips
And my hands are holding you around

You and me, and we listen to the sound
That the branches make coming the wind

This time, I'm gonna take you to the spring fresh water land

Where the river runs so clear
Where the sun is shining on (us)

This time I'm gonna take you
Where the air is soft and clean

Will be running trough the hills
With a blue sky and only, peace

You and me,
With a blue sky and only peace.
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You And Me Lyrics

Danyan – You And Me Lyrics