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Time Machine Lyrics

Dante & The Evergreens – Time Machine Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

I opened up this here history book
And flipped my lid when I took a look
There on page two-nineteen
Was this here Egpytian Queen
Although she lived in 44 BC
Cleopatra is the chick for me

I'm gonna build a time machine
So I can go back and make the scene
I'm gonna make some time
With my Egyptian Queen
In my little old time machine

Pretty soon, I'll be making the gig
When I set the doodad on my thingamajig
I'm gonna crank and turn the dial
Very soon, I'll be on the Nile
Holding hands with my Cleo kid
Setting in the shade of a pyramid


She got a daddy rich as old King Tut
I hear her mommy's all wrapped up
Got a room of diamonds on every shelf
When I walk in, she'll say, help yourself
I'll fill my pockets and after a while
We'll make some time
Nineteen-six-oh style


Look at that girl go
Like she sure is?
Like, wow, get the snake
Away from my girl
Oh, no, it's too late
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