Anew day begins...
Another grey dawn lights
The misfortune of a hollow existence
Life... What does it mean?
No need to get through this lie
Dark penance, pitch black misery that I feel...
Everything inside my mind is leading me to confusion
A challenge I can't face
So, take my hand and release me from this pain
Take me to the place where time stops
Where pain ends...
Where I will vanish forever
Guide me towards ypur realm
My wounds are open and they keep on bleeding
Everything inside my soul is leading me to despair

A pressure I can't stand.
Empty roads getting me nowhere
Rivers of blood flowing into an endlesssea of grief
How long will this last?
All my hope is turning into hatred
And, like a gloomy candle that lost it's flame
My bliss completely fades
... My path slowly darkens, slightly becoming black.
I want to see you
I yearn to feel you
I know it will be the last thing I will do
But you will free me from this agony
You will end my suffering
You will ease my sorrow
... Grant me the eternal rest.
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Grant Me The Eternal Rest Lyrics

Dantalion – Grant Me The Eternal Rest Lyrics

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