Verse one
The greater one lives in Me,
I cannot be defeated
I cannot be broken, I cannot fall.
God has placed Me on a high place,
He took me up from the merry clay,
And now am born again,
I can only fly, I can only smile,
I cannot cry no more, no more,
The only tears I have
Is tears of joy in my life,
Am born to do this

I am born To reign,
I am born To shine,
I am born To be the best in my life, Jesus died for Me and
I believe in Him,
Am born To Do This

Verse two
Cry no more brother,
Fear no more sister,
God has put a smile on your face
On your face, your days of pains
Are over, it's time to shine,
'Cos that's what you were born To Do.
You are the favoured of God,
You cannot be denied,
Arise and shine
'Cos your light is come,
Yes your light is come
And his glory is risen upon you,
You are born to do this

Repeat Chorus


I am born To reign oh oh, you were born To shine oh oh
NO matter what you going through, Jesus paid the price and that is we can sing

Repeat Chorus 2x
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Born To Do This Lyrics

DannySong – Born To Do This Lyrics

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