Some say love is a losin' game
Waitin' to steal you away
It's a heartbreakin', earthshakin' devil's child
It's the hardest of times in the day
I learned my lesson very well
Love's a slice of heaven and little hell

Oh, looks like love again
Well, I'm sure, yes I am, it's love that I'm in
My head is reelin', my heart' is a-feelin'
It looks like love again

Starry nights and a risin' moon
Lovers a-waitin' in line
Softly sayin' while the music's playin'
I'll be yours if you'll be mine
I learned my lesson very well
You may lose your heart, you can never tell


I hear you callin', it's finally dawnin'
I know that I'm fallin' in love and I'm sure
The joy it's bringin', she's got me singin'
It's only fools who pretend
When it looks like love again

(Chorus... repeat x 2 to fade)
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Looks Like Love Again Lyrics

Dann Rogers – Looks Like Love Again Lyrics

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