Mama said "Watch out son! Skinny top, heavy bottom!"
Oh I see it's easy to tell that girl is putting you through hell
Papa said "my turn, step outside, you gotta learn
Women and girls will make your head turn!"
But Daddy I'm doing fine without her

Love is unkind (3x)

Couple comes up to me
They're in love it's plain to see
Take a step back and start to laugh
You know love can never last
Love comes in then falls out
That's when you learn what's it about ... Love is unkind (3x)

I wanna talk about love I wanna talk about love
Because all my life I've been told that love will keep you together,
Love is all you need, and all you need is love
Love is the answer
And I remember the time when my mama sat me down
And she looke me in the eye the little pea-bone with a smile
And her smile turned into a laugh and her laugh turned into a cackle
And you know what she said, you know what she said ?

Love is unkind (3x) /It don't like nobody/ it don't got no friends

Ladies and gentlemen I'm gonna prove my point tonight
I'm gonna tilt my head up to the sky
I'm gonna look at the good lord in the eye
And if the good lord wants to strike me down tonight
And I haven't found my true love if I haven't found her
If I haven't found my true love then baby....
If the good Lord wants to strike me down tonight
And I haven't found my true love
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Love Is Unkind Lyrics

Danko Jones – Love Is Unkind Lyrics