My confession is I've really never gave it my whole heart
A little in reserve was the only way I knew to survive
Little did I know you were slowly breaking down my resistance
Something changed
I'm not afraid

I'm fearless
I'm Open
I'm ready to fall in
I'm Breathing this feeling,
You're my oxygen
Wait and see
You're gonna get
Every piece of me
I'm fearless
When it comes to you

I never kiss & tell, but I can tell you anything when I'm with you
You're the one only that's ever broken through my disguise
Little did I know I'd brave enough to tell you my secrets
She'd my skin and let you in


It feels so good, to be with you
I'm safe
No fear


Chorus x 2


My confession is now I'm gonna open my whole heart.
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Fearless Lyrics

Danielle Blakey – Fearless Lyrics

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