Can I show you how I feel?
Please teach me how to deal.
With the pain that you put me through.
Everything just leads right back to you.

My heart is just a mess.
Don't know how to address.
The feelings that lay inside.
These reasons that I have to hide.


No one has ever called me what you said.
How can you say that, whats goin on in your head?
I feel so far from happy.

Chorus 2X


Let me show you how I feel.
Don't take away what felt so real.
I don't want anyone to know.
That this love will never grow.

Let me show you how I feel.
Will I ever get to heal?
Can't really tell how I feel at all.
Will you catch me when I fall?

How can you explain to me
What I did was wrong?
I kept you good company,
And now I'm singin this song.

I wonder what you'll do.
When I stop loving you.
Don't know what I did this time.
I hope that you are still mine.

Chorus 2X
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Let Me Show You How I Feel Lyrics

Daniel Serdah – Let Me Show You How I Feel Lyrics

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