Hair of gold eyes of blue
Prettiest girl I ever knew
Skin as white as precious pearl
She was my Tipperary girl

She just chanced to pass me by
Pretty as a peach in a pumpkin pie
Fresh as a flower in full bloom
Sweet as a sunny summer's afternoon

I was smitten she got me good
I never thought that Cupid could
Speared me down into my soul
Spun me round like a batted ball
I was courting pure romance
I asked her if she'd like to dance
Smiled at me and took my hand
Swung me 'til I couldn't stand


She could dance and she could swing
Like a new born lamb in spring
Up and down and to and fro
Round and round and round we'd go

I fell heads and over heels
Heart was thumping jigs and reels
Twitched and twittered I'll at ease
Like Hound dog scratching fleas

Now young and foolish Old and wise
Enter love with open eyes
Treat her right from the start
Or that Tipperary will break your heart.
Chorus x2
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Tipperary Girl Lyrics

Daniel O'Donnell – Tipperary Girl Lyrics