Here we are at a special time gathered at this place
Rejoicing for once again we move another pace
Now's the time to look forward and beyond
To challenge what our lives ahead of us may hold

Sad goodbyes are bid, tears are even falling down
The way that we used to be is hard to let go
But we should never fret
What lies ahead of us is great, that leaves us unbound

Every memory in the past few years should always be cherished
Even those of people and places that we knew
All those wonderful and great things that had happened
Will never fade away won't ever turn, turn blue.

We soar, we fly like an eagle in the sky
We pray each day for our dreams to prevail
We dare and fight and challenge the blowing air
For we, like eagle should always gleam and flare
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Unbound Lyrics

Daniel Monterde And Honey Alemania – Unbound Lyrics

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