Holy messengers tied to the wall here; sworn to never imply what is wrong here
To the powers that be...
The truth and the light of creation is covered up by mankind's revelations...
But Heaven's High is the only guide they'll equate you... Heavens High

It's not from that place you were told, yeah; it's more of a state you evoke, yeah
So throw away the old deception
Until you refine your soul, yeah; existence is hard to control, yeah
Without the spiritual connection
Heavens High is the force that lies within you... Heaven's High... Heavens High

Live by the book, you'll be blinded by the crooks of mankind
Who turned the water to wine to mislead you
The Immaculate kind worship the breath of life

If love and peace are not in your plan now; You never did understand now
You never felt the message
If you think the end is near now; you never will get it clear now
Lose your will, you'll lose your senses
Heaven's High in your core resides and awaits you...
Heaven's High is the source of life that sustains you...
Heavens' high is a door to the light, every sage knew... Heaven's High (4)x
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Heaven's High Lyrics

Daniel Clarion – Heaven's High Lyrics

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