There's a certain thing that
Happens when you're near me
And I think that I can see
Just how you feel

So let me tell you one more time
I love you dearly
And I'll never put you down
Never let you go free

Annabelle, I got a feeling, girl
You know darn well
That I really couldn't live
Without you by my side
Annabelle, I'm in love with you
Can't you tell that I really
Haven't got a single thing to hide
My Annabelle

You keep telling me
That I don't really love you
You keep saying things
That make me feel so sad

But I'm sure you know
I put no one above you
And I'll keep on trying
Til you know I ain't so bad

[Chorus:] 3X to fade
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Annabelle Lyrics

Daniel Boone – Annabelle Lyrics