I always have a dream
You gave your all, to make it come true
Because of you everything has change
And I will do, all that I need to do
Stars in the sky, I always dreamed of
All the time, I closed my eyes
My dreams do come true
I will do everything, no matter what…


I will cross the mountains
I will swim to the sea
I’ll do all of it, to reach my real dream
Coz I am with you
And you are with me
And this is my …real dream…

Repeat ii stanza and Chorus except three lines


They Can say
I will not be there
They can say
I will not be someone
This is my real dream
And they cannot stop me

Repeat Chorus 2x except three lines

Coz I am with you
And you are with me...
And this is my real dream
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My Real Dream Lyrics

Danalyn Brazil Espinosa – My Real Dream Lyrics

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