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Same Sunlight Lyrics

Dana Fuchs – Same Sunlight Lyrics

Hey there mister - tell me what’S your name
Hey there sister - ain’T we all the same

We’Re all dancin at the edge of life
Running from our darkest night
Reaching for the highest height
Under the same sunlight - the same sunlight

Hey there brother - what you tryin to say
How we gonna hear each other - through the noise of hate

We’Re all runnun to the finish line
Racin to the end of time
Never seein the end in sight
Is under the same sunlight - the same sunlight

Win or lose - it’S all the same
We can’T choose this losing game
I need you - you need me too
We got to let love, let love, let love through…

Oh hey there mister - how’S your day
Hey there sister - can I help you any way

We’Re all swimmin in the sea of life
Fightin hard to stay alive
Battle scars that share the fight
Under the same sunlight - the same sunlight
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