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Young Active Brazy Lyrics

Damu Ridas – Young Active Brazy Lyrics

It's been cool since a nigga didn't bought a few straps
Kill a coup' of Crabs - bust some coup' of raps
Niggas been snitchin' since the last L. P.
Niggas on the streets acted like they trusties
My grandpop said: "Braze, you best to break that bitch"
That's why I flip the script and killin' with this gangsta shit
I heard you're scared to hold the strap
Your og's mad
Cause my homies bust caps
And come right back (Woop woop)
Hey fuck, it don't freeze up
Bust it if you bee us
Bhakis suit with the Stars crease us
I'm used to the K-Swiss
Pendleton, bhakis, cap Frog off hats with the B on it, hit the big Fig
We the shit, you ain't heard of the Thunderbird
With the red lips, nigga fuck the Rips
Lil' Yak with the mini Mac I hit 'em up
Hit and run: blaka-blaka!
Hit 'em up
I don't give a fuck
Braze from the gang, I'ma do it
Where the heater at Let me shoot it
Hell roll like some it's me and T-man
Use to roll a G-man
It's it up with the big B and... (Woop woop)

Back the fuck...
Back the fuck 'fore I act the fuck up...

Most of all I gots to clown your hoes
Split - diggin' in the hoes, swingin' off the foes
Bitches see the Vogues in the Hundred Spoke Gold
Where they hit the clubbers start like another hoes
It's all good I like them babies that be rockin' babies
Keep it real if you're dikin'
I've been pimpin' use to roll a Limo
Now I got a women hoe up in my stable, ah
All upon the turntable tryinna find a label
Get out and bust and get rushed on sight
Brazy-Daze behind the mic keep dynanmite
Who else can bust with the B-Dawgs
I'm the nigga with the hold it now
Bump you down you in the you best to bang now
You got your time gotta bang now

Back the fuck...
Back the fuck 'fore I act the fuck up...

You out the module but you P. C. 'd up
Red strings in your Chucks but you ain't gon' bust
Who to trust when it's time to roll
In a car or on the bike or on foot patrol
Fresh off parole
But I bickin' with the bangers Damu
On the thangs the Damu Ridin' bitches sayin' us
Knock 'em out
Nigga stop 'em out
Crabs think take a tire about
I'm the nigga in the hoe since you got toasted up
Cherry slugs, chip jaws, right up

Back the fuck...
Back the fuck 'fore I act the fuck up

We can go head up
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