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Chromatica Lyrics

Damiera – Chromatica Lyrics

Your head starts over give it up
It's sad I've found you in bed
You were raised on just enough to forget
It's when you thought you were keeping yourself
You were rusting away from the outside
Now you're filling so full of holes

Scared, waiting
Oh shaking, scared and alone
Hoping and waiting
Woah, woah

It's tough to get at it honestly
Your guts bail check the odds it's one, two... No!
But, take the stride of an honest man and then you're always catching up
So take it easy
They all know you do 'cause you can't do it well
Your ears ring like a tuning fork because they're always talking

Shaking, scared and alone
Hoping and waiting

Shaking, scared and alone
Hoping and waiting

I'm on the edge
I'm on the outside of all this
Watching you fantasise

Why are you waiting?
Nobody's making you
Give in enough, just enough to give it up
So in the end, when they ask if you are satisfied

Don't want to hear you running your mouth
Expressed aloud complaining about

It's a laugh, promise to give all of it back!
What else are we prone to get told?

Alone and waiting
Shaking, scared and alone
Hoping and waiting

Bottling in while pressing down the voice within as it tears you open
I see you turning, I see you hurting
Just tell me why you've wasted your time while wasting mine
Never again
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