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I Am Dame Dash (feat. Cam'Ron & Jim Jones) Lyrics

Dame Dash – I Am Dame Dash (feat. Cam'Ron & Jim Jones) Lyrics

Feat. Cam'Ron, Jim Jones

[Dame Dash] ** (Cam'Ron) **
Hopefully, y'all enjoying the album, as of yet
My name is still Dame Dash and I'm still the ceo
And I wanna take this time to kick it with my nigga Cam and my nigga Jimmy
You know, we kinda came up around the same way
110th.. 109th... 142nd.. 140th
And if I could rap, Cam, I'm telling you
I swear to God, I'd talk my shit.. (I know)
I'd talk about how I got that money and copped them cakes..
(Yeah, I got you, though) Cam, please man, come on!!

In '87, dog, my man, Dame, was a cake copper
Eighth chopper, now, he got a gray chopper
Harlem, Brooklyn, Philly, the whole state's proper
Shrimp, steak, forty-second, they ate lobsters
He used to stack up his chips
Crashed up his whip lookin' back at a bitch
Left it, 'f' it, we bout to get twelve Jeeps
'91, barbershop on 12th street
Yeah, we turned dope into dollars
Front haircuts, back 'dro in the bottle
Any beef? Cam is in place
Yeah, we got the bricks off of Hamilton Place
Papi came down with product in the bag
Put the crackhead in the taxi and we followed the cab
Downtown, no, we took 'em
We called Dookie, drove him over to Brooklyn
Their baby's mother, she once got the drop on us
We copped a bird and the bitch called the cops on us
Dame took me off the block
Hand to hand to handling the coffee pot

[Dame Dash]
Thanks, Cam, I appreciate it, but man
That's not enough, I still got some shit on my mind
I still see the cars.. I still see the fact that we were stars
I still see the rooftop..
Don't get it twisted, now, this ain't no song, like I said

I just got some shit I wish I co
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