Be prepared
I know what's coming next
If she's entertaining doubts I guess that you know what is best
So I should
Be prepared
To make due with what is left
And if I can't prepare myself at least I know what to expect
My mind's made up about her
I couldn't live without her
So many times
So many times
I should have thanked god that I have her
And when I'm back home
Safe in her arms
Don't knock on her door
Don't pick up your phone
If she's entertaining doubts how do I explain
A grain of salt for her to take with the things that you say
Despite the distance give me trust
And I will bring it home to you
Give me till nothing's left but patience and I will bring it home to you
She only wants to spare you and I the time
We so faithfully invested
She throw it in our faces
You've been taken advantage of
Is that all I'm capable of ?
If it's just bitterness don't let it blind her
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Trouble Is Lyrics

Dag Nasty – Trouble Is Lyrics