Heavy rain, my Lord,
You bring to the city,
Disclosing hidden thoughts;
Baptismal water
Steeping my body,
Rejecting my soul.

Whispers of wind change to cries beyond my ear,
Scattered shadows evoke
A whirl of remembrances;
Sweet entities,
Emotional shots
Made of broken destinies.

And I ask you, my Lord,
Why my love lies in hate
And my dreams in death;
Why the holy breath of life
Crossed my mud backwards;
A book read from the end,
That's what I am.

Still raining,
Cold tears of lucid pity
Sliding down on my back,
Shivers of a life waiting for the rain to rise to the sky;
Illusions of a loving mind
Forced to live searching
For a dream
Just to blow it out!

And I pray you, my Lord,
To be my last dream
In this rainy day,
The one where life and joy
Will marry my sorrow,
A unifying dimension
In which my soul will finally rest.
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Raining Lyrics

Daedalus – Raining Lyrics