Slide, slide, slide, slide
Slide, slide, slide, slide

As I flip it again
I'm on the loose
Watch me, nah, man
Hold up, no

As I flip it again
We're on the loose
Watch us set the trend
For the nine double deuce

Check it to the boogie
The up jump the boogie
To the rhythm to the boogity beat

Cause I freak it like this
Like my homeboys Das
It ain't hard to tell
Like my main man Nas

Like Naughty
Watch me give a hip-hop hooray
Much props to Dre
Drinking Tanqueray

I could chief rock ya like the Lords
Or like Tribe, go on a Award Tour
Too slick like Rick
Watch Da Youngstas bump
Cause this is how we're coming
Like the future of the funk

Respect out the Cube
Kicking it Really Doe
And Snoop Doggy Dogg
And the whole Death Row

Supreme C, and Cypress
On the reel to reel cause
I'm keeping it righteous

Come on, let me take you on a hip-hop ride
Move side to side, let your body glide
Slide, slide, slide, slide
Slide, slide, slide, slide


Well, groove with me
As we go on this mission
Taking you on a female expedition
We keep it going as we get deeper
We got Boss, Monie Love
And Queen Latifah

Word up, these sisters got it going on
A mad shout out to my girl Leshaun
And Smooth in that Lexus coupe
And peace to Salt N Pepa
Cause you make me wanna shoop

Yeah, but y'all don't hear me though
Cause I'm on the Westside
With my girl Yo-Yo
So rock on with your bad self, Rage
A female in this hip-hop age

Stop look and listen, please don't bite
Coming straight from my homegirl mc Lyte
Peace to Shante, Sweet Tee, and Sah-B
Representing hip-hop lovely

[Chorus:] 2X

Come on, let me take you on this hip-hop ride
Move side to side, let your body glide
Knock knock, it's hip-hop at your door
Giving you more for '94

Back with Melle Mel and Grandmaster Flash
People thought that hip-hop wouldn't last
The Treacherous Three, Afrika Bambaataa
Kurtis Blow made hip-hop hotter

Slide to the rhythm, let your body jerk
Remember all the bass
From my man Kool Herc
Stetsasonic talking all that jazz
You know the songs of the past

I keep creeping
I'm a Youngsta but I'm deep in history
That's keeping everything cool
I use my mic as my tool
Peace to the old school

[Chorus:] 4X
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Hip Hop Ride Lyrics

Da Youngsta's – Hip Hop Ride Lyrics

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