1. It all started 1963
Santa brought me monopoly
Two G. I. Joes and some hot wheel cars
Grandma and pa got me an electric guitar
My cousin billy was A geeky zit face
Santa surprised him with A beatle bass
My neighbor mikey, that dork was my chum
The lucky bugger got A new set of drums
We formed A band and called it the collage
Dad moved the car so we could use the garage
And we were rockin'
Yes we were rockin'
In beatle wigs we looked nifty and keen
'cause we were rockin'
2. Our senior year 1968
The scene was groovy, we thought we were great
We played the prom in bellbottoms and beads
Songs by jimi hendrix, the stones and cream
In the seventies we made A lotta dough
And I'm proud to say we didn't play disco
'cause we were rockin', yes we were rockin'
We played the clubs, the receptions and bars
'cause we were rockin'
Well I get up in the morning
And I fix myself A cup of coffee
Dump, shower, shave
Then another cup of coffee
I jump into the truck
And I'm on my way to work
I stop at joe's greasy spoon
And I have just one more
Cup of coffee
I tell joe I gotta go
I think I'm running late
Don't want nothing to
Go wrong today
'cause tonight I gotta date
I just can't stop it
I've got to rock it
If she can shake it
Then we can make it
And if I break it
I'll just duct tape it
3. My forty sixth birthday 1996
Our band reunited just for kicks
We hit da open mic at hickey's bar
They called us old farts, but we felt like rock stars
With beer guts straining and receding hair lines
We played those same old songs we'd played ten million times
And we're still rockin'
Yes we're still rockin'
I'll move da car so we can use da garage
And we're still rockin'
'cause we're still rockin'
Yes we're still rockin'
This aint karaoke
So get out of our way
'cause we're still rockin'
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We're Still Rockin (Garage Rock) Lyrics

Da Yoopers – We're Still Rockin (Garage Rock) Lyrics