1. The boss been on my butt all week
Hes lucky that I even show up
Da old ladies bitchin constantly
To give my beerin up
She listens to the mother-In-Law bitch
About living them years with A drunk
Hell if you lived with dat ole bat
Youd stay drunker than A skunk brother
They don't understand that A man needs A break
What better way than to get peeled up
So tonight lets get some jummies
Cruise da camp, get half lit pretty much A little bit
So give me another beer
Come on cantcha hear
Ill scream it in your ear
Give me another beer
2. The ole ladies out there layin on the horn
Cause she's got nowhere to stick her car
I gotta get rid of that mountain of empties
Da garage smells like woodies bar
I'm gonna put A keg of beer in the ice box
Hook up A garden hose to that
Bolt the nozzle to my lazy boy
Then I'll always have beer on tap
Some people just don't under stand
We work hard at two careers
We work all day at da salt mine
At night we work pounding beers
(Repeat chorus)
Born to drink beer
Go camp get drunk
Born to drink beer
Fall down throw up
Born to drink beer
Crawl home to bed
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Gimmie Another Beer (Kegger Rock) Lyrics

Da Yoopers – Gimmie Another Beer (Kegger Rock) Lyrics