1. Some guys like that bottled beer
Some like it in A can
Some say A keg's the best beer
For A real beer drinking man
Everyone has their favorite
But on one thing they agree
The greatest beer in all the world
Is the one you drink for free
Free beer free beer
That's my favorite brand
If I didn't have to buy it
Its the best beer in the land
Warm flat funky
It don't matter to me
The greatest beer in this whole world
Is the one you buy for me
2. The boys at the bar were betting
On whose beer was the best
I didn't have A nickel
So they chose me to make the test
Those fifteen different kinds of beer
Were wonderful to me
Each one was my favorite brew
The beer I drink for free
(Repeat chorus)
3. Our old pal nudsie got married
He was trying to save some bucks
He went out and bought the cheapest beer
And boy it really sucked
But after you choke that first one down
The rest go easily
As long as you remember that
You're drinking them all for free
(Repeat chorus)
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Free Beer Lyrics

Da Yoopers – Free Beer Lyrics