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Fairy Tale Lyrics

D Savage – Fairy Tale Lyrics

Pull up to shoot up the party
Y'all niggas looking like lames, and these bitches getting naughty
Pull up my cup, looking dirty
Niggas want beef, so I went and got me a 30
I'm counting up plenty bankrolls, I'm fucking these hoes
I don't want no sex, I want throat
Wait... Hold on
I thought you didn't fuck with me?
Now you see me on the top, I'm counting this guap, you know you can't fuck with me
Bullets they rip through your body, my niggas catch homis
My shoot up you face in the lobby
I don't give a fuck what you think, I'm sippin' on pink
My nigga (?) move the link
You paying that bitch to fuck
She fucking with me
She sucking and fucking for free
I'm fucking that bitch under covers, I fuck with no rubbers
I fuck and then dip, I don't love her
You know that my diamonds be froze
My niggas be whippin' ferraris and bricks, my niggas be (?)

This is my fairytale (x8)
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